Women in Rail

RPS and Women in Rail

Organisations across the world have been uniquely challenged this year and last on how to stay motivated, aligned, and productive through this pandemic.

As an SME in rail, we are passionate about building and developing a motivated team to identify, address and solve our clients’ problems. This is the same whether we are on-site, in offices or working remotely.

In comes Women in Rail who hosted a webinar on this very topic:
“How to plan effectively using the power of uncertainty: Lead with clarity”.

This event comprised a seminar by Mark Sharratt from Energy Alchemy, where he explained that it is important for business leaders to:

  • Ask the right questions to understand how your employees are ‘really’ doing during this time.
  • Be aware that a highly autonomous team combined with aligned values is the gold standard in motivation
  • Share experiences in forums such as this to build our ‘brands’ to demonstrate leadership

It was great to see so many talented women who are leaders in their fields sharing experience on motivation through this difficult time. 

2021 will see Railway Project Services (RPS) sponsoring Women in Rail mentoring programmes and taking an active role in this important organisation.

As a firm we are committed to do more this year to support ourselves and the industry through this fast-changing industrial landscape, including:

  • Investing in portable monitors for all our staff to deliver ergonomic working environments at home
  • Online teambuilding events to replace away days
  • Investing in mental health training for our team to ensure we are ready to support those in need
  • Increasing our charitable donations to organisations such as Shelter

Good luck to all businesses at the start of this New Year and we hope that 2021 will see recovery and growth for all.

I would like to encourage you to look at the Women in Rail website for information about future events at: