We offer a bespoke Project Management Service tailored to the needs of clients.
The service details below show our capability for Infrastructure Clients, Contractors and Consultants.

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  • Client-side project management across all lifecycle stages to maintain programme and minimise budget risk
  • Technical stakeholder management across complex, multidisciplinary, multi-funded projects including TOCs, Unions, Local Authorities and Devolved Administrations

  • Entry-into-service, handover, and project close-out support to de-risk these critical stages of delivery

  • Project businesses case development for station and infrastructure improvements to justify funding requirements

  • Delivery-stage contract administration for projects

  • The below sections explore our project management service in greater detail, demonstrating how we add value at every project stage

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  • Our team combines experienced Client and Contractor-side team members, ensuring that we deliver the right expertise to unlock project challenges
  • We deliver whole lifecycle project management from Business Case to Entry into Service, with the capability to lead through feasibility, procurement, development and delivery stages
  • We believe that close management of requirements and scope change protects projects from cost and programme impact
  • On multidisciplinary projects with multiple funding parties, stakeholder communication is central to successful delivery


  • Breaking down technical requirements into the most detail possible enables a project to demonstrate that it has met its original aims
  • Requirements collated, tracked and communicated using tools such as IBM DOORS where appropriate
  • Baselining deviations in requirements are scrutinised by our team to justify stop scope creep, protect against additional cost, and the impact of ‘unknown unknowns’


  • Document Control is particularly important where projects engage multiple stakeholders required to approve feasibility proposal and designs
  • We document designs, reports and process to identify, distribute and close out issues
  • Best-practice document control enables the seamless transition between project stages and staff handover


  • Identification and management of risk using tried and tested methods honed through project delivery across multiple industries and clients
  • We input and report using Active Risk Manager where required


  • Ongoing ‘Reach Back’ access to expertise of the full RPS PMO team, Risk Managers, commercial and design support to overcome challenges as needed
  • Our team also involves graphic design to enable us to quickly develop the right content to communicate with different stakeholders


  • Railway projects are complex and therefore we as project teams need to give careful and full consideration to the impacts of the decisions we make 
  • Managing safety behaviours as a project team effectively from the start instils high safety standards and mitigates risks within delivery stage cost and time constraints
  • Our RISQS accreditation demonstrates that we have processes in place to learn from safety lessons, distribute and take on-board safety bulletins and communicate these amongst our teams


  • All our Project Managers undergo training in the NEC suite of contracts
  • RPS cost management systems coupled with our automated dashboards provide live data on project commercial health
  • Budget tracked by monitoring spend against forecast with continuous assessment of change items and risk figures
  • Delivering formal project communication and escalation where required using contractual mechanisms


  • We have developed a bespoke internal toolkit and dashboards to complement Clients’ processes. 
  • Starting every project right with clear Organisation and RACI charts for agreed responsibilities and reporting lines encompasses cross-industry lessons learned
  • We demonstrate the justification behind project decisions to manage stakeholder expectations


  • Our team uses Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project dependant on the preferences of our clients
  • We use Microsoft Power BI software to enable the wider project team to view live physical and financial progress and monitor programme milestones


  • Appreciation of the challenges that make railway projects so complex shown by track record of delivering projects on live operational railway infrastructure

  • Adept at possession/blockade management, operation and construction management ensures that programmes are accurate and projects are delivered in the safest and most economical way


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