Project Management Office (PMO) Services

Our PMO offering is built around our experienced multidisciplined team able to define and maintain standards to enable our clients to advance in the following areas

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Implementation of Governance
Information Management
Reporting Consistency
Change Management
Quality Team Support
Project Planning and Scheduling
Cost Control
Enterprise Risk and Opportunity Management
Implementation and Administration of Electronic Document Management

Planning and Scheduling

Pre-Contract Planning

Producing tender programmes for bids and proposals. This is developed from established data or alternatively from the ground up using first principals. This includes programme quality checks and integrity tests, resource loading and cost loading.

Hour by Hour and Possession
Management Programmes

Producing possession programmes with associated metrics to support successful possession delivery and hand-back including conference call reporting and recovery programmes.

Risk & Opportunity Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Implementing an ERM structure to enable businesses to review risk in a consistent way across their organisation.

Project Risk Reviews

Facilitating project risk reviews with both clients and contractors to identify, quantify and manage project risk including formal documentation of the project risk register.

QCRA and QSRA Capability

Undertaking Quantitative Cost Risk Assessments and Quantitative Schedule Risk Assessments using specialist risk software including utilising Monte Carlo methods and algorithms to quantify the potential programme and cost impacts
based upon project risks.

Tender Risk Appraisal

Producing tender risk registers and undertaking risk reviews for inclusion within tender submissions.

Information Management

Document Control Set up

Installing common data environments and electronic document management systems including relevant governance, workflows and processes.

Data Security Advice

Creating IT security groups, data residency and data warehouses.

Claims and Dispute Resolution

Supporting the production of delivery programme impact reports with an associated narrative to assist with claims and disputes.

Peer Review and Programme Quality Health Checks

Providing independent peer reviews and programme quality checks in line with client contract requirements.

Delivery Programmes

Producing and maintaining delivery programmes including periodic narratives and change planning.

Business Systems and IT Improvement

Specialist Software Advice

Optimising software to improve business performance enabling streamlining.

Systems Procurement

Working with the software supply chain to procure the best value and most suitable products for projects and teams.


Microsoft Power BI Integration and Data


Utilising Microsoft Power BI to provide live interactive project visualisations delivering the insight required to enable fast and informed decisions.