Who: Tom Donnelly, Ailish Egleston
When: 2021-2022
Contract value: £3m

We are leading the East Coast Tactile Renewal project involving surveys, installation and commissioning of tactiles at 112 stations for Network Rail. This is a time critical project and our Project Manager – Tom Donnelly – is delivering this £3m programme with the support of a further RPS Junior Project Manager – Ailish Egleston.

We have commissioned a framework of five Contractors to undertake both surveying and installation of improved tactiles.  This involves working closely with multiple TOCs, each of whom have different assurance preferences and requirements, creating a complex network of stakeholder needs. Key operational issues on this project relate to:

  • Installing tactiles in a station environment when stations may still be operational
  • Ensuring that a safe site is left where tactile works are split across multiple nights
  • Ensuring that contractors meet the needs of each individual station team when accessing and egressing site with plant

With a target of 2022 for completion, our team are well underway with the completion of surveys and commencement of tactile installation works to hit ORR timescales on time and improve the safety performance of critical station assets. There is a significant time pressure upon the RPS team with an ambitious programme, which would normally be unachievable without significant stakeholder support, and new products which haven’t previously been used on such a scale. There are several key technical standards and policies that must also be adhered to when delivering the works as well as consideration for the impact of cold weather on resin based tactiles, noted below:

  • Aerodynamic risks to be considered when undertaking works on platforms, applying RIS-3703-TOM
  • Environmental considerations shall be made when installing temperature and moisture sensitive materials and adhesives etc
  • Diversity Impact Assessments to be undertaken and updated throughout project lifecycle, feeding into design and construction staging (PRM NTSN)
  • When altering equipment that interfaces with the operational railway (e.g. coper alterations), suitable hand back competences and completion of Forms A-g, Form 005 and Form E shall be implemented. Design and installation to comply with to GIRT7016
  • Integration and deconfliction of works to be undertaken. Attendance at planning meetings and PICOP meetings when undertaking works within possessions
  • Compliance with TOC access procedure
  • Liaison with Buildings RIE teams prior to progressing any material changes to NR owned assets. Robust requirements to be gathered prior to commencing design works
  • Adherence to GERT8000 and NR/L2/OHS/019 when working on or near the line
  • PTS labour to utilised when working within the railway environment
  • Slip resistance of surface materials shall comply with NR/L3/CIV/030