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See what our new starters have to say about working within RPS and delivering for our clients:

Since leaving retail banking and moving into the rail industry, my skill set has grown massively.  As a Project Manager for RPS I get to work for a variety of operational clients delivering improvements that make a difference to how people use the railway every day.  Being part of a team that invests heavily in its people means that I have developed my personal capability with APM courses and wider development sponsored by our business.

Jake Clarke

Project Manager/Director

“Joining RPS has allowed me to accelerate my professional development in a challenging, yet supportive environment. It’s both exciting and rewarding to be part of such a highly motivated and high performing team”

Luke Jones

Project Manager

“RPS has enabled me to make the most out of my career. The variety of clients and projects in our SME surpasses that of much larger businesses. This means that my professional growth has developed massively since joining the team.”

Tom Donnelly

Project Manager

“RPS has been a brilliant move for me. As an SME the versatility of the business has meant I’ve been given the support I need to develop my own professional skills in a meaningful way.“

Louise Pinder

Junior Project Manager



  • Our team are trusted to balance their time between RPS office locations, home and client offices
  • Recognising that COVID has changed how people work, we have moved away from the traditional 9 to 5 mandated hours
  • Our customers and projects are based across a wide area meaning that our team is never far away


  • Our business invests in group sessions to enable our consultancy to share expertise and strengths to deliver great results for our clients
  • We go all-in on RPS team builds to get everyone together and make time to develop relationships as our company grows
  • Our business invests heavily in IT tools and systems to ensure that our team has what it needs to collaborate


  • We have a per-person training allowance to maximise training and growth for our team
  • We sponsor professional memberships
  • The development of the team is core to our growth – we welcome ambition and drive


  • It’s not just us – we have won Railway Industry Association and Federation of Small Business awards in 2018, 2019 and 2020
  • Clients like how we deliver – we secure long term contracts with our customers giving us surety of pipeline
  • We secure multiple clients and framework places every year contributing to our fast-growing firm

Legendary Team Builds

Our team builds are something we take great pride in. As a business, our team is often in the field delivering for our customers. This means that when we get the opportunity to get everyone together, we take the opportunity to do exciting activities in new locations, get to know each other better and strengthen our relationships. The below is a selection of our recent team builds and highlights of what we got up to:


One of our first team builds as a growing team was in a large Gothic Revival mansion and estate where we had enough room to fly a drone (inside and out).

Scotland Trip

One of our most talked about team builds was our ‘Top Gear Challenge’ purchasing pool cars in teams and driving them to Scotland for a few days in a luxurious lodge in the highlands. In addition to a company brief we socialised, went walking over waterfalls and took a steam train across the Glenfinnan Viaduct

York Trip

More recently we all visited York and whilst we went to the Railway Museum – of course. We, also had a lot of fun eating, drinking and seeing the sights as a team.

Wales Trip


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