Authority Paper drafting service

We have developed our Authority Paper drafting service following demand from our Infrastructure Client and Train Operating Company customers. With this, we bring our expertise on the early development of projects, Authority Paper production and presentation to support both Clients and Contractors in obtaining approvals, accelerating project spend and safeguarding delivery. We can be procured to deliver all or any of the following:

Full Authority Paper drafting service

We draft Authority Papers tailed to the specifics of each project, its risks and financial profile. We work with Network Rail and Contractor teams to ensure that volume calculations are correct and that the financial tabs filter through the paper in the right way. We can also liaise with Route Asset Management and Route Infrastructure Engineering teams to ensure that projects are correctly set up on Oracle Projects with the right OP code aligning to the right budget. We work with Contractors to ensure that the narratives for each section are complete and align with Network Rail’s expectations. We work with Contractors to understand the work done at previous stages and determine the right approach to obtaining authority if this support is needed.

Reviewing Authority Papers

We can undertake reviews of third party Authority Papers to check the quality of the content, ensure it contains the best available information and references the correct processes, stages, deliverables and compliance elements.

We can also review Fishbone Analyses and HETI (Headwinds, Efficiencies, Tailwinds and Inefficiencies) estimates to support paper fundamentals.

We can also co-ordinate approvals by obtaining sign-off from the Sponsor, Delivery and Finance stakeholders and other internal parties.

Training teams on Authority Papers

We can provide specialist training on Authority Paper drafting to support Contractors who want to produce their own documentation. We can also help check and troubleshoot issues where financial calculations are not flowing through the document in the right way.

Our approach

We draft Authority Papers using our own knowledge, supply chain expertise and the requirements of Network Rail. By doing so, we deliver high quality outputs that pass-through Investment Panel right-first-time. This ensures that in-year spend targets can be achieved and that budgets can remain consistent.

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